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On the evening of September 21st, in the 12th round of Group A of the first stage of the Chinese Super League, Guangzhou R&F relied on Tang Miao’s assist with Ye Chugui’s goal in stoppage time to kill the Dalian people 1-0, which is far from Shanghai Shenhua, who is currently ranked fourth in Group A. There is only 1 point difference.


On September 24, R&F and Shenhua will fight directly. R&F still has the hope of reaching the top four of the group and qualifying for the second-stage championship group.


Considering that the overall investment of the R&F Club is being compressed, before the start of the season, if the team is only 1 point away from the fourth place with 2 rounds left in the group stage, it is a kind of optimism. However, after two disastrous opening games and Zahawi's departure, R&F rebounded strongly, and the plot was absolutely unexpected. In the post-Zahavi era, R&F seemed to be on the right track under Van Bronckhorst's coaching.

考虑到R&F俱乐部的整体投资正在压缩,在赛季开始之前,如果小组赛小组赛还剩2轮,则与​​第四名仅相差1分,那是一种乐观。然而,在经历了两次灾难性的开局比赛以及Zahawi的离开之后,富力公司强劲反弹,并且情节绝对是出乎意料的。在后扎哈维时代,在范布朗克霍斯特(Van Bronckhorst)的指导下,富力似乎走上了正确的道路。

Zahawi left the team after R&F defeated Luneng 5-1 in the seventh round of the league. Zahawi left without hesitation and cast a huge shadow over R&F's prospects. The super scorer the team relied on in the past four years accounted for more than 50% of the team's goals, the only one in the Super League. After Gui Hong and Xiao Zhi left the team, R&F was already short of strikers. Once Zahavi left, who could score?


Interestingly, Zahavi's departure seems to have made other players high-spirited, and their opportunity has come.


In the 8th round, R&F lost to Shenzhen Kaisa 0-2, but the content of that game was beyond the outside world's imagination. The match was evenly matched. R&F even created opportunities many times, but it was just a little bit lucky. Chang Feiya, Saba and Renardinho were within easy reach.

在第8轮中,富力以0-2输给了深圳佳兆业,但那场比赛的内容超出了外界的想象。这场比赛平分秋色。 R&F甚至多次创造了机会,但这有点幸运。昌菲亚,萨巴和雷纳迪尼奥都近在咫尺。

In the 9th round, R&F played against Guangzhou Evergrande. A game that the outside world did not seem to be suspenseful, but played thrilling. In the second half, Huang Zhengyu took over Chang Feiya assists to break the deadlock for the team. If it were not for the goalkeeper's stoppage time error to give Paulinho a lore, R & F definitely deserved a draw. The Derby lost that game, but the team gained confidence, especially on the defensive end.


In the 10th round, R&F won Henan Jianye 3 to 1, Saba shot 1 pass, Ye Chugui shot 1 pass, and Renardinho also assisted. The offensive end of R&F is active.

在第10轮中,富力以3比1的优势赢得了河南建业,萨巴射门1球,叶初贵射门1球,而雷纳迪尼奥也提供了帮助。 R&F的进攻端很活跃。

In the 11th round, R&F miraculously tied Suning after 1-3 behind. Chang Feiya received Tang Miao assists in stoppage time to complete the tie. The team seems to have entered a state of full bloom.


In the 12th round, Ye Chugui took Tang Miao's pass to complete the lore, which greatly improved the confidence in the dressing room. This is still a lore completed when Dembele, Renardinho, and Dembele have been replaced. Ye Chugui's ball seems to be a declaration: It doesn't matter if Zahavi is gone, others can stand up.


If you count the FA Cup assist by Chen Zhizhao and Zhang Gong to equalize the score, then in the 6 games after Zahavi left, R & F is really full-blown-6 players have assists and 6 players have scored.


It seems that Van Bronckhorst's transformation of R&F has begun to bear fruit. On the defensive end, R & F has not easily collapsed, and knows how to defend. On the offensive end, perhaps thanks to Stojkovic’s style and inertia for the team, the players are quite confident when they take the ball.

范布朗克霍斯特(Van Bronckhorst)对富力(R&F)的转型似乎已开始见效。在防御方面,富力并不容易崩溃,并且知道如何防御。在进攻端,也许得益于斯托伊科维奇的风格和球队的惯性,球员们接球时非常有信心。

In the last two rounds, R&F's opponents will be Shanghai Shenhua and Shandong Luneng. If R&F can defeat Shanghai Shenhua first, it will take the fate of the top four of the impact group in its own hands.


After the countdown to kill Dalian people on the evening of September 21, the club chairman Huang Shenghua said in an interview with reporters on WeChat: "We will fight until the last one!!!" The emotion of this statement can be seen in the dressing room. Morale. Before the start of the season, the club investor Zhang Li asked the team to "strive for the upper and middle reaches". In fact, being able to relegation is to complete the task. In the last two rounds, R&F did not have any shackles and pressure.


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