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Whenever the League of Legends finals starts, you will always be surprised to find that so many friends who usually don't talk about the League of Legends have become loyal audiences at this time. Especially in this year when the world sports competitions are collectively absent, the enthusiasm of the League of Legends Global Finals is exceptionally high. With almost everyone discussing S10, if you don't say a few words, it seems a bit out of place.


So, if you are not a game player, nor a fan of the event, let’s follow the circle brother to understand S10 now!


By song Xinyu, editor / Yin Haonan

by宋X in语, editor / yin ha o男

The first thing you need to know is that the 2020 League of Legends Global Finals and S10 you see also refer to this event-but the former is the official name given by the government, while the latter refers to this year For the 10th League of Legends Global Finals, "S" is the abbreviation of season.

您需要知道的第一件事是,您看到的2020年英雄联盟全球总决赛和S10也指此赛事-但前者是政府给的官方名称,而后者指的是今年的第十届联赛传奇全球总决赛,“ S”是本赛季的缩写。

Secondly, although it is the global finals, the League of Legends global finals are rare world sports events conducted in the form of e-sports clubs (teams) rather than nations.


Participants are from the top-level teams in each major competition area. Only teams that perform well in the professional league each year are eligible to participate. Each competition area determines its place in the finals according to its size and level. Therefore, the global finals generally start from October to November as the last event at the end of each season.


And this year, this event will last from late September to early November, and this is also the second time it has landed in China after three years. And for the sake of epidemic prevention and control, all events of this competition will be held in Shanghai.


Currently, the world is divided into 12 divisions and leagues: Mainland China LPL, South Korea LCK, European LEC, North America LCS, CIS LCL, Brazil CBLOL, Southeast Asia PCS, Latin America LLA, Turkey TCL, Oceania OPL, Japan LJL, Vietnam VCS.

目前,世界分为12个部门和联盟:中国大陆LPL,韩国LCK,欧洲LEC,北美LCS,CIS LCL,巴西CBLOL,东南亚PCS,拉丁美洲LLA,土耳其TCL,大洋洲OPL,日本LJL,越南VCS。

With the continuous expansion of the scale of the S game and the increase in the number of participating teams, the current S game is divided into two stages, the final and the main game. Qualifications for the global finals will be allocated according to the points and scale of the competition area.


In the past two years, the Chinese mainland LPL, which won consecutive championships, and the European LEC, which won consecutive runner-ups, also have three through places and one finalist place; South Korea LCK and North American LCS have two through places and one finalist respectively. Quota; Southeast Asia PCS has a pass-through quota; the rest of the theater only has a place for the finalists.


However, due to the epidemic this year, teams in the Vietnam Division were unable to participate, and the finalists in the LCK Division were able to pass through the group stage.


After a contest in the finals, the LGD team from the LPL division finally broke the siege and got the chance to enter the group stage. The group stage will take the lead in the BO1 double round of points competition, the top two of each group will enter the knockout stage, and the knockout stage will be changed to BO5.


Attached S10 group stage group list










For the League of Legends project where the professional life span of players is relatively short, since the first global finals in 2011, there have been many changes between old and new in the past 10 years.


Take the LPL competition area as an example. Among the 4 teams participating in the S10 group stage, with the exception of LGD for the second time, the remaining three teams are all participating in the global finals for the first time. Among the 22 teams participating in S10 this year, 48% of the players have never participated in any World Championship.


Among the LPL teams, the most experienced in the global finals is also LGD. Although LGD successfully broke into the group stage, they entered the group with the strongest overall strength in this group stage and gathered the LCS number one seed TSM. , LEC No. 2 seed FNC, LCK No. 3 seed GEN.G Group C is recognized as the dead group this year.

在LPL团队中,全球总决赛中经验最丰富的也是LGD。尽管LGD成功闯入小组赛,但他们在小组赛中以最强的综合实力进入小组,并收集了LCS头号种子TSM。 ,LEC 2号种子FNC,LCK 3号种子GEN.G C组今年被确认为死亡组。

Group photo of LGD team


TSM, as the traditional strong team of LCS, has improved its strength after the return of the "big brother", the only living fossil player who has participated in S1 in this competition. As the S8 runner-up, S9 eliminated the hot RNG, the strength should not be underestimated. Although GEN.G only won the third seed of the LCK this year, they are also terrifying in their ability to win the world championship with S7 and SKT.


The grouping of the remaining three LPL teams is much luckier. It seems that there is no team in the same group that can pose too much threat to them. However, in these three young teams, only three players have the experience of participating in the global finals, which may also be a factor restricting their performance.


It seems that TES, who easily defeated FLY in the opening game, has adapted to the atmosphere of the global finals very well. However, LGD, who was in the death group, was equally disadvantaged as JDG, who participated in the global finals for the first time.


In fact, in the past season, TES won the MSC Mid-Season Cup and the LPL Summer Championship consecutively after losing the JDG in the spring game. TES, who played in the Chinese class, is now regarded as the global finals this year. The championship is hot. In the list of TOP20 players ranked by ESPN, TES has three players among the top 10, and the mid laner Knight ranks first.


After talking about the team, let's talk about the venues.


After the online competition mode of the spring and mid-season cups, the S game finally returned to the offline arena. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of the direct broadcast of the event and meet the requirements of centralized competition, the organizing committee has carefully selected and decided to hold the finals to the semi-finals and focus on SMT.


The final final will be placed in the much-anticipated "White Porcelain Bowl"-Shanghai Pudong Football Stadium.


It is reported that the front-row spectators of the Pudong Football Stadium are only 5 to 10 meters away from the side of the stadium, and the furthest distance from the upper stand to the stadium is only 50 meters. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to watch the match in the "White Porcelain Bowl" on the day of the finals, it will definitely be an unprecedented top e-sports feast.


At the same time, this huge "white porcelain bowl" that can hold 37,000 spectators will definitely bring the spectators' emotions to the climax, allowing the enthusiasm that has been squeezed for a long time to burst.


In addition, in this nearly 140,000 square meters football field, engineers adopted a new active indoor distribution system, which combined high-quality 5G wireless network with AR/VR to ensure all-round coverage of the grandstand signal, which can help the world Spectators from all over the world who watched the game through the online platform brought the ultimate watching experience.

此外,在这近140,000平方米的足球场中,工程师采用了一种新型的主动室内分配系统,该系统将高质量的5G无线网络与AR / VR结合在一起,以确保对看台信号进行全面覆盖,这可以为世界观众带来帮助来自世界各地的人们通过在线平台观看了比赛,带来了终极的观看体验。

However, for the sake of prevention and control safety, the S game has not disclosed any news about the opening of the audience. However, in the Glory of the Kings World Champions Cup held in Beijing earlier, some of the scenes have been released. Riot Games’ global e-sports director John Needham also stated at the September 21 press conference that he would try his best to allow a small number of spectators to enter the game during the finals, but ultimately consider whether to let it go. Public relations, health and safety will still be considered. first place.

但是,出于预防和控制安全的考虑,S游戏尚未公开任何有关观众开放的新闻。但是,早些时候在北京举行的“国王荣耀世界冠军杯”上,一些场景已经发布。 Riot Games全球电子竞技总监John Needham在9月21日的新闻发布会上也表示,他将竭尽全力让少数观众进入决赛,但最终考虑是否放弃比赛。公共关系,健康和安全仍将被考虑。第一名。

Regarding the copyright of the game, S10 also has some knowledge that can be learned


At the end of last year, the well-known barrage video website Bilibili defeated other domestic live broadcast platforms such as Kuaishou, Douyu, Huya, etc., for a price of 800 million yuan, and won the exclusive three-year live broadcast rights for the League of Legends Global Finals in China.


Under the epidemic situation, the lack of large-scale sports events and the high commercial value of e-sports itself, the copyright value of this year's S10 has rapidly increased, and it has become the object of competition among major platforms.


Up to now, in addition to station B, viewers can also watch games on Tencent Sports, Tencent Video, Huya, Douyu, Penguin E-sports, League of Legends TV, Pocket League of Legends, and the official website of league events. At present, various platforms are also actively exploring the copyright rights of Erlu Liu S game commentary.

到目前为止,除了B站之外,观众还可以在腾讯体育,腾讯视频,虎牙,斗鱼,企鹅电子竞技,英雄联盟电视台,口袋英雄联盟以及联赛活动官方网站上观看游戏。目前,各个平台也正在积极探索Erlu Liu S游戏评论的版权。



Now that you have mastered these basic information, congratulations, you can spend the S10 frenzy time happily with everyone! If there are other questions? Don't worry, in the coming month, ECO Krypton and E-sports will continue to bring you detailed reports on this year's global finals. Come follow us and feel the charm of the League of Legends global finals!

掌握了这些基本信息后,恭喜您,您可以与所有人度过快乐的S10疯狂时光!如果还有其他问题?不用担心,在接下来的一个月中,ECO Krypton和电子竞技将继续为您带来有关今年全球总决赛的详细报告。快来关注我们,感受英雄联盟全球总决赛的魅力!

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