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   During the intermission period of the league, the global 2022 world preliminaries are about to start, but the severe epidemic crisis in regions other than China still has a major impact on the normal operation of the football circle. Many teams in the Chinese Super League are facing the situation of returning their foreign players to their national teams to participate in the World Preliminaries. However, according to China's current epidemic prevention regulations, all those who leave China and return from abroad must be quarantined for at least 14 days. This means that any foreign player who leaves will miss the remaining games of the year.


   This is the case with Long Dong of Dalian Club! But for the Dalian Club, Longdong is an absolutely indispensable thigh for their relegation. Previously, the Chinese Football Association has been helping the Chinese Super League teams to negotiate with the national football associations. At the time of chaos, the FIFA Council issued an important document numbered 1735 at the meeting held on October 1st. The core content of the document It involves the club's decision criteria on whether to release players back to China to play in the World Preliminaries.


According to the core content of this document, if Long Dong cannot obtain the special immunity that the Chinese authorities do not need to be quarantined after completing the World Preliminaries, or cannot achieve the quarantine period of less than 5 days after returning to China, then the Dalian native The club can not let Longdong return to the national team, and this refusal to return the player to the national team will not be punished by FIFA. In other words, as long as the Dalian People's Club can provide the relevant Chinese authorities, or including the documents provided by the Dalian Regional Epidemic Prevention Department, the personnel returning from overseas must be quarantined for more than 14 days.


   FIFA emphasizes that Decree No. 1735 is a decree enforced by FIFA, and any FIFA member associations and leagues affiliated to the association must comply. And this decree is for all men's and women's football related international competitions remaining in the 2020 season, especially the World Cup qualifiers. The Player Status Committee has clearly formulated the relevant rules.


This document is defined as a "special provisional amendment draft for the period of the new crown virus". The scope of application of the document is all FIFA competitions and intercontinental competitions during this window period. All events to be held in this period must be submitted to the international The Football Federation reports. Secondly, the effective time for the implementation of this document is from the date of publication of the document, that is, from October 1, 2020 to the end of the year, or before the end of the year, when the global epidemic eases significantly, FIFA will then follow the actual situation. The situation is further adjusted. On the issue of players returning to the national team to play, FIFA first advocated that all clubs, local football associations, and governments of all countries should actively unite, so that more players can return to their national teams to participate in major events and strive to obtain quarantine Immunity. But if there are some special circumstances, then the players can not be released back to the national team and will not be punished accordingly. In addition, FIFA also particularly emphasized that in order to better implement this supplementary bill, FIFA has established a special team responsible for interpreting the document rules and answering related questions. At the same time, this specially established team also has the role of monitoring the implementation of the clauses.

该文件被定义为“新冠状病毒时期的特别临时修订草案”。该文档的适用范围是此窗口期内的所有FIFA竞赛和洲际竞赛。在此期间要举行的所有赛事必须提交国际足联报告。其次,本文档的生效时间为文档发布之日,即2020年10月1日至年末,或在年末之前,全球流行病明显缓解。 ,然后FIFA将根据实际情况进行。情况进一步调整。关于球员重返国家队的问题,国际足联首先主张各国的所有俱乐部,地方足球协会和各国政府应积极团结,使更多的球员可以重返国家队参加重大赛事并努力奋斗。获得检疫豁免。但是,如果有特殊情况,则不能将球员放回国家队,也不会受到相应的处罚。此外,国际足联还特别强调,为了更好地执行这项补充法案,国际足联已经成立了一个特别小组,负责解释文件规则并回答相关问题。同时,这个专门成立的团队还负责监视条款的执行。

   The promulgation of this FIFA regulation has also eased the situation that the national football players who were originally troubled by the Chinese Super League will miss the second stage of the Chinese Super League when they return to their country to participate in the competition. Earlier, the Dalianers Longdong and Hamsik were recruited by the national team. Due to the strong willingness of the players to return to the country and no relevant regulations were issued at the time, the Dalianers had no choice but to release Hamsik back to China and revoked his The Chinese Super League signed up and introduced Jailson to replace him. As they did not find a suitable foreign aid to replace Long Dong, and Long Dong plays a thigh-level role in the team, the Dalian people have been doing their best to communicate with Long Dong and Venezuela.

这项FIFA法规的颁布也缓解了原本受中国中超联赛困扰的国家足球运动员回国参加比赛时将错过中国中超第二阶段比赛的情况。此前,大连人龙洞和汉姆西克是由国家队招募的。由于球员们强烈的回国意愿,并且当时没有颁布任何相关规定,大连人别无选择,只能将哈姆西克释放回中国并撤销他的中国超级联赛。 。由于找不到合适的外援来替代Long东,并且Dong东在团队中发挥了重要作用,因此大连人民一直在尽最大努力与Long东和委内瑞拉进行沟通。

   Evra of Wuhan Zall and Touré of China Fortune are also bothered by the same problems. They were called up by Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone. After communicating with the Sierra Leone Football Association, Toure has determined to stay in the Super League and not return home, and Zall is still communicating with the Ivory Coast Football Association.


   Now that the new FIFA regulations are introduced, it is tantamount to providing Dalian with a sword for keeping Longdong and Wuhan Zall to keep Evra. If this regulation is introduced a few days earlier, perhaps Hamsik and other foreign aid will stay in the Super League.


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