WhatsApp status: How to download video from WhatsApp status

WhatsApp joins the abundance of different applications that let clients post a “story” to their profile. cool whatsapp status in english

Stories let your companions see pictures and recordings you post which will vanish following 24 hours.

Snapchat and Instagram additionally let you post a “story” to your profile, however there is an approach to download companions’ recordings from their status.

Here, Express.co.uk discloses how to download WhatsApp recordings from the status.

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What is a WhatsApp story?

Like other internet based life applications, WhatsApp gives you a chance to present pictures and recordings on your profile that most recent 24 hours.

Recordings and pictures are presented on your WhatsApp status and give companions a depiction of what you are doing.

It is by all accounts the pattern for most online networking applications right now, with in excess of one million stories presented on WhatsApp Status’ around the globe consistently.

WhatsApp status: How to download video from WhatsApp statusGETTY

WhatsApp status: How to download video from WhatsApp status

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Fri, May 5, 2017

FROM Facebook to WhatsApp – these applications are the most exceedingly terrible for eating through your month to month information stipend


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WhatsApp Status organizer

When you tap on your companion’s WhatsApp story, it gets auto downloaded in your telephone in this concealed envelope called “.statuses”.

The “.statuses” organizer is shielded concealed to keep you from sparing WhatsApp status pictures to the display to maintain a strategic distance from copyright issues.

You should unhide the organizer to duplicate the WhatsApp status or recordings of others. Establishing of Android Marshmallow/Nougat gadget or escape iOS iDevice isn’t required.

You will have the capacity to download WhatsApp status pictures/photographs to the display utilizing this technique effectively.

You can present stories on your WhatsApp StatusGETTY

You can present stories on your WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp stories let your companions see pictures and recordings you post which will vanish after 24 hours.GETTY

WhatsApp stories let your companions see pictures and recordings you post which will vanish after 24 ho

Utilizing applications to spare recordings from WhatsApp status

There are a plenty of applications accessible today to download the Whatsapp status stories of others effortlessly.

These applications are not propelled by Whatsapp but rather are anything but difficult to utilize and will help you a ton in sparing these recordings.

The most prevalent application that encourages this is the ‘Story Saver for Whatsapp’ apk on Android, which is accessible on the Google Playstore.

When you have introduced it on your telephone, you will have the capacity to see that the application has naturally associated itself with your Whatsapp record and in this manner, your work is made simple.

You should simply tap on ‘Late Stories’ and afterward tap on whichever story you wish to download. Next, tap on download on the best, right-hand side corner of the application.

Cape Town Stadium to wait a bit longer before hosting first ever

Springbok fans in the Mother City will have just recollections of Test rugby to hold tight to for no less than multi year before the men dressed in green and gold make an arrival to the city, as there are no internationals planned for         Hostgator Coupon Code India    Cape Town Stadium in 2019.

Last Saturday’s third and last Test against England is likely the last global held at Newlands, as WP Rugby is relied upon to pack up and move crosswise over town to the multi-reason setting in Greenpoint.

Be that as it may, as Sport24 reports, Cape Town won’t have a solitary global in 2019, on account of the Rugby World Cup in Japan which sees an uncommon change to the Boks agenda.

Dissimilar to the previous three years in front of World Cup year, there are no inbound visits planned one year from now, with the Boks just facilitating two home internationals, both in the Rugby Championship.

Lamentably for Cape Town, none of these are to be held in the city, which facilitated one of the before Springbok Tests, in 1891 when South Africa facilitated the visiting British and Irish Lions side.

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Why is WP Rugby leaving Newlands?

Reports propose that the association is in desperate monetary straits after its business wing had been exchanged, after a strong claim brought against it by Aerios in 2016.

With an end goal to cover costs, WP Rugby applied for a line of credit with the Stellenbosch-based venture gathering, Remgro, adding up to R44 million.

Remgro have now purportedly issued out a letter of interest, inciting WP Rugby to pitch Newlands and hope to move somewhere else.  http://hostgatorcouponcodex.com/

5 ways to protect your kids from guns in the home

HOUSTON (KTRK) — There are a variety of different locking and storage items to help you protect you children from getting their hands on loaded guns in the home.


Here are some suggestions from safefirearmsstorage.org

Trigger Lock
A trigger lock can be used to keep someone from being able to pull the trigger. Trigger locks are available in a variety of configurations, from basic key lock options to those that require combinations to open the lock.

Cable Lock
The cable lock can be used on most firearms. The cable is most often placed through the gun barrel, which generally impedes loading and firing.

Storage Case

Storage cases come in various sizes and can be used for both storing and locking up a firearm. The case can be locked, but the lock must often be purchased separately. Before buying ammo safe reviews

Lock Box
A lock box is like a small safe that allows you to store your firearm safely and securely via key or combination lock or by a digital keypad, to prevent unauthorized access to the firearm.

Locking Safe
This safe comes in a number of sizes to accommodate long guns, such as rifles and shotguns, and includes spaces for storing handguns as well. Much like the lock box, the gun safe has the option of a combination lock or digital keypad to lock it.

Source – http://abc13.com/keep-kids-safe-in-home-with-guns/3003685/

Four Tricks to Help You Make Any Difficult Decision


The decision-making process is never easy. No matter how many laps you have up your sleeve, you are bound to lose some sleep in big decisions. If you are really struggling, here are some ways to make the process a little easier on yourself as you work through all the possibilities.

Great decisions cause serious stress in your life. Buy a house, get married, get divorced, move around the country, give up your job, or just decide which movie to watch, everyone can drain our will.

Fortunately, you can perform some exercises that help you in the decision-making process. Recently I decided on a cross-country movement. These tips helped me make the decision of where and when I wanted to go.

What a tired decision Zaps your will (and what you can do about it)
Making decisions and resisting temptation is difficult at the end of the day, even when one does not …

Four Tricks to Help You Make Any Difficult Decision

More information on Act as if you were counseling a friend

Big decisions can wreak havoc on your emotions, and darken your mind so you can not make a solid decision. The New York Times suggests that you are pretending to advise a friend by choice.

The reasoning here is really simple: your short-term emotions are in the way of decisions, and that obscures your judgment. It’s hard to get rid of your emotions, but it helps to know that they affect your options.

It only works in certain circumstances. Pretending to give advice to a friend about the cheapest mobile truck does not make sense, but advice on where to move does. This was one of the most useful ideas for me that I tried to choose where the hell I wanted to go next.

I went with an imaginary friend with a similar design to me and tried to think about how I would approach a conversation with them. I imagined the kind of questions I would ask, thinking about the different risks I could mention, and I even came up with a couple of things to investigate in different places.

No doubt you need some mental gymnastics, but it is worth trying at least. You can always look for a friend’s advice, like that, but that way you can do it on the fly without the need of a long phone call.

It’s a fairly common idea that the more information you have, the better decisions you can make. However, at some point, you are crossing a threshold where you have too much information. It’s one of those stupid things that our brains are shooting, it’s hard to counteract.

When we have too much information, we begin to fill in the gaps and add weight to the information that does not matter. Today’s psychology explains what is happening:

The human mind hates uncertainty. Uncertainty implies volatility, randomness and danger. When we realize that the information is missing, our brain raises a metaphorical red flag and says: “be careful, this could be important …” when data is missing, you overestimate its value. Our mind assumes that since we are waiting for the resources to locate the information, it must be useful.

This information is in all its forms. It may be that you have done so much research on a topic that you have passed the “educated decision” point and moved on too much information. Or you may have sought the advice of several friends, who have given you different opinions. However, when you have too much information on the table, you make the decision process much more difficult.

In my case, I certainly reached this point of information overload where I had too many facts and opinions in front of me. Cutting some of that helped. Instead of talking to a group of friends, I saved it to a few that I trust.

The other great achievement I had with bigger and smaller options was that my decision was always reversible. With many of our decisions, we put more weight on them than they are worth. Yes, moving around the country to a new location is a big problem, but it is also completely reversible. If it sucks, you move again.

Likewise, with most smaller decisions, the creation of a two minute rule to make the decision is out of the way for us to move forward. Most of the decisions we make do not matter as much as we think they do, and grateful that it helps keep the amount

Source – https://lifehacker.com/four-tricks-to-help-you-make-any-difficult-decision-987762341